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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

I have to admit that before I married Jim, I took very few vacations. There were several reasons but my major one was I couldn't make a decision. I truly had "paralysis by analysis" when it came to vacations. I traveled for work off and on through my career. Someone told me where I needed to be and I was fine. I'd even find fun things to do along the way - local attractions, friends nearby, etc.

Trying to decide where to go or what to do on vacation was darn near impossible. The idea of sitting at a hotel/resort didn't appeal to me. It felt like work and I couldn't relax. And even if I found a resort, how did I know I would choose the right one? Or the right country? I always said I wanted to go on a cruise but it was the same dilemma. Which cruise line was good? Should I buy the extra packages? What ports did I want to go to? Was it safe for me to get off the ship?

For me, it was easier to take long weekends and avoid the decisions. Now, I have several years of travel experience with both resorts and cruises. Jim has more but hey, I'm working to catch up! :) And, now, I often talk to people who are in the same boat I was. They want to travel but are unsure where or when to go. They have their own concerns, their own fears and their own "things" that are holding them back. And, I completely understand!

2019 - the travel industry was good. Resorts and Cruises were busy and there were deals to be had. We cruised January 2020 with Mom and my brother. Then, we all know what happened and how life changed. 2021, the world started to open up. The travel industry was trying to win clients back so there were a lot of deals to be had. 2022, the world has decided it is tired of sitting home. It seems EVERYONE is traveling in 2022 or 2023!!! Cruise ships and resorts are filling up! Deals we saw in February are disappearing. Demand is high. Anyone who understands anything about supply and demand knows exactly what that means. Prices are climbing! Flights from Cleveland to Ft. Lauderdale are pricing from $150-$200 now and climbing to $600-700 by June/July. A cabana we booked for a June cruise is now 3 times as much.

Does this mean you shouldn't travel? Not at all! It does mean, you need to decide on that trip you want and take action! It means you need to speak to us so we can help determine what your ideal vacation or celebration looks like. It means we need to work for you to find the best opportunities and help you lock them in. There are still bargains to be had - it requires time and knowledge to match your ideas with the travel supplier and the opportunity. It requires knowledge of what the industry is doing. It requires patience and diligence on your behalf. It may require us repricing a trip IF prices should drop. I have seen FB groups where people have spent an hour on hold to save $80. What if you had the hour for something else while we took care of the changes for you?

We have a client who recommended us to someone. This person is searching all the online sites trying to find the "best deal". We have access to all those sites - as well as directly with the suppliers. If you find pleasure in doing that research, that's great! If you find something, let us know. We'll do our research and see if that is the best price or opportunity. There are some things we consider essential to protect our clients. We want you to understand the room/cabin choices. We want you to understand what you are paying for and what additional charges there may be. We want you to understand transfers and travel requirements. We want you to understand insurance and why it may be important. We want you to have all the proper travel documents. We want you to have the best time possible!

When I was younger, I tried to "do it myself" to save money - and I think, to prove to myself I could do "it". There are certain things I still do myself - baking, cooking, canning - because I find joy and value in those things. There are other things like taxes, plumbing, landscaping that I do not find joy in. My time is more valuable than the cost associated so I choose to pay for those services. Unlike the accountant, plumber and landscaper, there is no cost when you use a Travel Advisor. The suppliers pay us to help you - just as they pay the people at the call centers for those websites. They want you to have the best experiences and they understand the value Travel Advisors bring.

Just as our accountant stays up to date in her field, Jim and I stay up to date in the travel industry. We know where to look and the places that meet our standards for our clients. We know the questions to ask and the things to look for. We enjoy the process of matching clients with their dream trips. We enjoy helping families make memories.

You have choices. Would you rather try to find the best resort, cruise ship, etc. based on what the internet says or would you rather talk to a Travel Advisor who will ask questions and work with you 1:1 to find the best resort, cruise ship, etc. for you based on their knowledge and experiences?

If you prefer 1:1 conversations and someone working for you - we're here to help!

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