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Making Memories

Welcome to Cruisin' with the Drennans and the Making Memories Travel blog! I'm Judi Drennan and I'll be your "guide" through our adventures, experiences and through what is happening in the world of travel.

In 2018, I married Jim, who had been cruising since the late 70s. He had well over 40 cruises under his belt. Me? I didn't even have a current passport! Jim's first career was in technology. He started cruising because at the time ship to shore calls were $15 a minute - so no one would call me him vacation unless it was an absolute emergency!

Because he was a business traveler, air travel was normal - and not the start to a vacation. He would travel to different hotels for work and even resorts for conferences, so they were not an escape from work. He would say getting on a ship and unpacking once while traveling to multiple ports allowed him to disconnect and refresh. He would always say, "I'd get on the ship, take a couple of deep breaths of sea air and I was immediately on vacation!"

Jim took a chance planning our honeymoon. He was taking someone who got sea sick in boats on Lake Erie on a cruise. Not only that but on a cruiseline he'd never been on so it was a new experience for both of us. I can tell you I was nervous. I was sure I'd be seasick the entire cruise but I knew Jim wanted to share what gave him joy and relaxation with me. I prepared with motion sickness patches from my doc, motion sickness bands and anything I could think of. With mixed emotions of excitement and a bit of fear, I trusted Jim and we went on our first cruise.

The first day, I was lying in a lounge chair with a straw sunhat over my face and my little blanket. (I love blankets.) Jim says, "Judi, I don't think I've ever seen you this relaxed." I lifted my hat, turned my face to him and said "No one has." I put the hat back on my face, snuggled into the blanket and enjoyed relaxation like I had never experienced. And I was "hooked on cruising" that very first day.

I discovered the cruise ship was the one place I could completely disconnect. My phone was put away - except for pictures and a once a day check in on family. The motion sickness patches were never used. The motion sickness bands were used on my first cruise; on the way back on my second cruise; and rarely since then.

Even with a 2 year pandemic hiatus, I've been on almost a dozen cruises and will add three more this year (as of this writing). Jim has been on even more as part of our business and as opportunities to travel with friends and family presented themselves.

April 1, I retire from my "day job" and join Jim full time at Cruisin' with the Drennans. As that happens, I look forward to sharing more with you about travel and industry news that may be of interest.

I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts. Please tell me what topics you would like to see more about.

Let's Make Memories!

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