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National Siblings Day

I usually think these days are "silly" because there's a National or International day for something almost every day. Yet, here I am using about National Siblings Day to talk about family. 😉

Cruisin' with the Drennans is all about helping our clients, friends and family make memories. It sounds corny but it really is the "Why" that drives our personal passion for travel and our business.

Our Mom passed away this week. While it's a time for mourning, it's also a time for rejoicing. We have great memories of Mom and many will be shared over the next few weeks especially.

One of the best for me was her 80th birthday cruise in 2019. All of our siblings couldn't be there but the eight of family members that went still laugh about that trip! 🤣🤣🤣

Mom needed a electric scooter to get around. Jim ordered it and told her he had racing stripes and an additional engine added for speed. Thank goodness it was a joke. She would go from tortoise to rabbit mode without realizing it! No one will ever forget the times she drove into the elevator doors or almost injured our butler!!! Or my brother "test driving" the scooter in the cabin.

If you caught that we had a butler and could drive a electric scooter in our cabin, you might be thinking "Whoa! What kind of cabin did they have?" It was a big one!! We splurged on one very big cabin and one "regular" cabin that connected through the balconies. Because Mom had mobility issues, we wanted her to spend time with family without having to travel different decks, etc. The cabin (suite) also came with an amazing butler - Vishnu. The joke was you"d say "Vishnu, Vishnu, Vishnu" and he was there!

It was a win for all of us though. The huge balcony allowed us time together without crowds or trying to find seats together for eight. We'd all wander and then find our way back to that balcony. There was a pizza party there the first night. Soda, adult beverages and food flowed.

There was music, conversation and laughter. Jim and I were only married about a year and this cruise was a special time to really relax with family and get to know each other better.

That night is one of my favorite memories - cruise or otherwise.

It continued the whole cruise. Breakfast or lunch on the pool deck with whoever was around, excursions for those who wanted, dinner together most nights - usually including relaxing afternoons or late nights together on the balcony.

We celebrated Mom's 80th birthday along with my sister-in-law's. We splurged on the photo package and took

plenty of our own. Vishnu even decorated the cabin with birthday decorations one afternoon when we were out.

That siblings cruise was about Mom's birthday. Covid and crazy work schedules have minimized travel opportunities. However, I've been on two cruises this Spring Break season. Let me share, people are traveling!!! Ships are full!!!

In two months, we're on a cruise to celebrate the grandman heading to high school. Special occasion or not, cruises with your siblings, your immediate or extended family create a lifetime of memories. Take some time to make memories with those you love - or like! 🥳🥳🥳

We love cruises because you unpack once and can see the world together. Maybe you're a resort person. No matter which, make the time. Splurge on the big cabin or suite. Splurge on the photo package once. Walk away from work, the cell phone and every day life.

Walk toward the sunshine, the beach or pool with those around you. Grab your family - immediate or extended. Grab your friends. Make memories!!!! They last long beyond the week or two you were gone.

Hug those you love...

Flip flops and sunsets -


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